Zacheous Jackson

Zacheous Jackson - Karnatone Records - Reggae soundsystem UKZacheous Jackson, a decendant of the original Ancient Hebrew Israelites coming from the line of Abraham, Issac and Yacob. via the slave trade to Jamaica was born in London, June 15th under the Original 12 tribe Israelite sign of Levi is of Jamaican Heritage and a member of the JACKSON FAMILY that originate from RED GROUND an area in NEGRIL JAMAICA that have links all over the island including the JACKSON FAMILY from ORANGE HILL in Negril, Hanover, Sheffield, Waterworks, Madras,Darliston, Kingston and beyond also the UK and the USA. Zacheous was just 15-years old when his mother took him home to Jamaica to get to know his heritage and his country and spend time with his family in Kingston, Darliston, Mobay and the beautiful Negril, Red Ground area home to powdery white beaches and warm seas. And it was here he discovered the Reggae music, which is the heartbeat of the island. “Due to my heritage”, Jamaica has been instrumental in my upbringing and consciousness the Reggae music eena mi blood. and did did deh before mi born and I get back home to Jamaica on a regular movement when I can. Influenced by Jamaican greats, Peter Tosh, Don Carlos,Jacob Miller, Cornel Campbell, Hugh Mundell, Madoo, Horace Andy, Barry Brown, Lacksley Castell, Michael Rose, Ini Komozi. Zacheous spent a lot of time around his big brother a native of Kingston, in Harbour View and with cousins in the hills of Darliston (Westmoreland in the country. Zacheous reached the top 20 charts in Italy with DJ Gusma T’s radio broadcast with the track ‘The Conspiracy’ (the b side to Garvey Garvey) holding steady at position 16 beating out (at the time) big name artist’s. His works have taken him to perform in places such as Poland, Spain and Turkey so far. Zacheous has been writing lyrics for and sometimes fronting a couple of bands and to date Zacheous has written and voiced over 64 songs. Zacheous Has many projects working on with the will of the Most High. Later part of June Zacheous will be featured on a 10inch release alongside Teddy Dan and Nite train on the Okard label with a new version of his song ‘Walk Good’ His single ‘Will My People Ever’ a track off his forthcoming debut album is to be released on Itunes very shortly, the album release will follow in the summer. There are many Reggae singers out there but Zacheous ‘lyrically deep’ Jackson is an artist that is different in the sense that he is ORIGINAL, writes his own material and is not trying to sound like some other artist and his inspiration comes from YAH, the MOST HIGH. Zacheous is also known as Zacheous Ben Ysrayl. Zacheous’s material is rooted in the spiritual message of Unity / History / upliftment and conscious lyrics that highlight the wicked acts by those in power against the poor and oppressed peoples of the world, a crucial ingredient needed in the Reggae music of today. His works have had airplay in places such as the land of his heritage his native Jamaica, the UK, the USA, France, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Venezuela, Hawaii, Australia, Switzerland just to name a few and his works has been reviewed in the BEAT US Reggae Magazine also by UK Reggaeguide, one of his many tracks ‘Walk Good’ was nominated for an effigy award recently and he has been interviewed on several radio stations about his works. He has also recorded radio station ID jingles for many radio DJ’s from different countries Zacheous has a 2009 album release coming Contact: (UK) : +447944119281 Contact: (Jamaica) 876 3883877 (Digicel) Email: Email: Zacheous Jackson is a Rumble Rock Recordz recording artist, a label based out of Hawaii/ Honolulu / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States, and is also a recording artist for Red Ground Jamaica Music . ‘The Truth Shall Be Told’ the debut album from Zacheous Jackson will be released summer 2010 produced by Rumble Rock Recordz and Red Ground Jamaica Music on the Rumble Rock Recordz label outa the USA .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

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