Sgt Pepper

A talented musician of South London to Jamaican parents, Garnett Cross, commonly known as Sgt Peppr is the youngest brother of a successful family of musicians. He is the brother to Sandra Cross, Victor Cross, Patrick, Hector [KVH] and Derrick Cross [Slim Linton KVH] who have all contributed significantly to UK Lovers Rock and Reggae Music. So it is no surprise that Sgt Peppr starting singing, playing keyboards and drum at the tender age of nine. Surrounded by deep-rooted music and brothers Victor, Billy (drums) & Dennis Cross (keyboards) he learned rapidly and was playing professional keyboard with the Brixton Based Band Aquizim.

Sgt Peppr began his recording with South London based record label ‘Studio 16’ owned by Winston Edwards and got his first recording as a DJ (toasting) on a B side of Sandra Cross’s hit single ‘I just don’t care’. He furthered his career at Awira Records with the genius Mad Professor, where this very young musician at the age of 15 was singing and composing what would become both his and The Mad Professor’s first single titled; “Come Back Again” launching the Awira label. He contributed to a large number of songs that are now foundational pieces of reggae music. With the launch of his album ‘Judgement Day’ his songwriting skills were apparent and shining with other release such ” True-True Loving”, “Time Of My Life”, “Magnet” as well as a series solid songs released on the Awira Records Label. He also went on tour with the ‘Ariwa Posse’ also with Victor, Sandra, Billy and Derrick Cross alongside other artists such as Sister Audrey, Alan Kingpin and Rankin Ann.

As the career of his sister Sandra Cross took off with her singles “I Adore You” and “Country Living” he had performed as backing singer and opener with their group the ‘Wild Bunch’. Sgt. Peppr then connected with Jah Shaka in 1985 to release the album “Jah Shaka meets Sgt. Peppr in Addis Ababa Studio’s”. This collaboration with the dub giant Jah Shaka is a musical feast that created a strong foundation in both Sgt Pepper and Jah Shaka’s catalogue of great works. After breaking away from Ariwa he joined forces with record producer Marko Perry from the Beat Farm Studios recording tracks such as ‘Still Thinking of You’ and ‘Can’t Find Anyone Like You’ amongst others. In the 90s he then joined the band named ‘Troublesome Band’ playing alongside musicians such as Jerry Lyons (rhythm guitarist) and Napoleon (bass guitarist). Together they backed several Jamaican reggae artists such as Leroy Smart, Horace Andy, King Kong, Johnny Osbourne, Anthony Redrose and Delroy Wilson to name a few touring the UK.

Sgt Peppr then took over as session keyboardist for the legendary ‘Twinkle Brothers’ that allowed him to tour the globe and absorb more musical substance from his experience.

At Hootananny

At Hootananny

A turn took in Sgt Peppr’s career when the music became digital, and he decided that a break was needed, but in turn spent quality time at his home writing a catalogue of his own songs. Sgt Peppr is certainly one of the true talents’ who was ahead of time, and a contributor to UK Roots & Culture from a young age. Seen as a legend in some rites, he is humbled that many still consider his contribution to music so far as significant and still appreciated.

Therefore it wasn’t until 2015 that the call came from inspired promoters Matt Culbertson, Marcie Lee and musician Adrian Cisneros in San Diego, California. The vibes became too much to contain and he accepted to offer to perform two consecutive years, with his September 2016 show at the Music Box Venue. Sgt Peppr made his journeys across the seas to perform a full set backed by the Roots Covenant Band to his roaring fans. Performing his hits like ‘Ganja Smuggling’, ‘Jah-Jah a Marshal’ and ‘Judgement Day’ among others.

He saw his passion for music never waned and he is still well received by those who know of his music. Sgt Peppr is here delivering, like a sergeant in his field, to all the music lovers of the world. Pepper swiftly marched like a musical field marshal to recording with the dynamic producer named Gavin ‘Fullness’ Sant at the Karna Tone Label after meeting him at Awira Records Anniversary event. The rest is history and they are set for their 2017 release of “Jah Children” and a remake of the Aquizim classic “Concrete Slave Ship”. Sergeant Pepper’s time has now arrived from deep reflection, growth and a destiny he was born for. He has a wealth of new songs, commanding his skills and ready to bring the sounds forward to the world. Sgt Peppr is definitely the one to listen out for, go to see perform and have a part of your musical collection this year.

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