Fullness is a drummer and instrumentalist, roots and dub reggae producer Gavin Sant. Karnatone is his studio and record label, creating heavyweight organic live and digital, original roots reggae music for soundsystem and stereo.

“Being involved in music since a youth in orchestras, choirs and bands of various styles gave me a solid foundation of musical knowledge and experience. In 1998 the reggae band Dubheart was formed, I had been playing drums with the band for a few years learning more about the art of playing reggae music, and at the same time set up a small home project studio as an outlet for my own musical expression, so a few years later, in about 2005 I recorded and mixed my first album, for Dubheart entitled ‘From the mouth of the Lion’ , a five track instrumental album with dub versions. I had also been recording and building my own roots and dub tracks and had gained exposure and invalueable feedback showcasing my early works on reggae social networks Versionist and RDW . It was about 2008 that I first met Izyah Davis and not long after set to work on what was to become the Fullness debut album ‘Arise’, that was released on Izyahs label Hytal Bosrah records on LP in the spring of 2010. It was at that time that I also finished work acoustically treating the studio, and the first to voice a track in there was Wayne Mcarthur with the soing ‘Walk of life’, this was the first release on the Karnatone records label late 2010. As well as the recordings mentioned here, I have played horns, drum kit and kete drum sessions for other artists works, For remixing, special dubplates, sessions and collaboration on other roots music productions. Contact me directly here, or at any of the other networks listed.

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