Karnatone is the studio and record label of reggae dub musician and producer Fullness.

The label was founded in 2010 with a 7 inch vinyl release of Walk of life, a Fullness production with Wayne McArthur on vocals. The studio was also known as Cornerstone studio, in honour of the Saviour Jesus Christ, but so as not to confuse with another studio of the same name, Karnatone is also used.

Pronounced as it is written – ‘Karnatone’ , is to say corner tone in the sound of the Jamaican tongue…… This name seemed right as a homage to the spirit of the sound systems in Jamaica that would set up on street corners in towns and villages across the Island, entertaining and educating people with the sounds and songs of the day. As it was there then, the sentiment and aim is still the same here and now.

The label was initially a vehicle for Fullness productions, but has inevitably grown to include releases from the band Dubheart of which he is the drummer, and also begun releasing completely independent productions the first of which from Paul Fox aka ‘Shades of Black’.

Up until now Karnatone has only released music on vinyl and cd, but all music is now available online in digital format, so check the music section regularly for the current downloads. Vinyl and CD back catalogue is also available via the shop. Large wholesale distribution of current releases is available from Dubwise Distribution.